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Hi, I’m Whitney! I find that my life is a little bit lovelier when I make things by hand. Sometimes these efforts end in paper moths, other times chicken potpies.  I would love to share my creative adventures with you, and all the bits of life that happen in between. I’m on my way to the buckeye tree now. Wanna meet me there? 🙂



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Crafts & DIY

Bamboo. T-shirts. Sheets. Pages from kids books. A rusty saw. Want to find out what I decide to make with these things and others that I thrift or find in the woods? Join me each Saturday for a little something handmade.

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I seem to always have a lot of empty plates and dirty dishes around my house. That’s a good sign, right? Check in on the last Saturday of each month to see what messes and successes I’ve cooked up in my kitchen.

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Places I go. Moments of excitement. Moments of sadness. Epiphanies. Inspiration. The goings-on inside my head. Kick off your week the second Monday of each month with breaking insights on one of these topics.

Painted wooden clothespin kitchen clips

Painted wooden clothespin kitchen clips

Quick! What do you do when you’re in the kitchen, surrounded by roosters, with a bag of plain, wooden clothespins in your hand? You paint roosters on the clothespins to…

Water bottle holster

Leather water bottle holster

Long time no see, friends! The last time we talked, I was looking forward to warmth and all the summery blog posts that I could write about camping; travelling; and…

Essential Oil Bottle Amulet

Essential Oil Bottle “Amulet”

Wow guys. The pollen! When spring brings along its sinus- wrecking clouds of yellow, I just wish I could travel around in a comfy little hamster ball with a ton…

Yarn caddy

Portable yarn caddy

Sometimes when I’m knitting, I just know I look like an actor in one of those infomercials who intentionally makes using an everyday item look tedious for the purpose of…

Cat diaper bag

Cat diaper bag: travel lighter with your furry friend

If there is one thing I’ve learned from hanging out with my friends who are moms, it’s that a mama is always prepared. If there’s a runny nose, they’ve got…

Finished box 3

Bon Jovi lyrics valentine rocks

On this day in 1987, lots of folks were listening to Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’. I only tell you this because I sort of missed the optimal time…

Finished Mardi Gras earrings

Tasseled bead-dazzled Mardi Gras earrings

Did yesterday mean anything special to you? I mean, did you know it was Mardi Gras? I know, it can be hard to remember these things when you aren’t Catholic,…

Inserting a frame using Canva

X-Files quotes printables + How to make a printable

The Truth is out there. And so is the need for more original X-Files paraphernalia that doesn’t include the previous quote…or flying saucers! Those are unlikely to blend seamlessly with…

Finished collar

Bohemian paracord cat collar

Fact: I am not a minimalist. So why is my brain behaving like one right now? I like to call it the “multiple moves effect”. It’s what happens when you…

Ribbon box 1

Press n’ Seal box ribbon organizer

Is anyone else out there a little panicky about the fact that we are already more than a week deep into 2016? I have a long list of habits I…