Bohemian paracord cat collar

Fact: I am not a minimalist. So why is my brain behaving like one right now? I like to call it the “multiple moves effect”. It’s what happens when you have relocated several times and are planning to do so a few more times. It’s when you see that rusty muffin pan at Goodwill and your crafty side says, “Yes! I can make that beautiful!” but your rational side says “Nope. That’s just gonna take up more space in the suitcase.” Then my crafty side makes a sad alpaca sound while my rational side, very stoically and unapologetically, says, “Get. Over. It.” But, I think I did manage to strike a balance between these warring factions inside me when I settled on making this bohemian paracord cat collar. Azreal is gonna love it! Probably. 🙂

Finished collar

A collar with a bell is something my cat needs. Ok, ok… it’s something I need for my cat. Being solid black with one white spot and sneaky to boot, he can go just about anywhere in the dark without me seeing or hearing him. He will jump up on my bed some nights, and I won’t even know he’s there until I feel a furry muzzle against my eyelids. It’s unnerving. With this and the need to satisfy my growing minimalist killjoy in mind, I figured it was time to try making a sturdy but also stylin’ cat collar. With a bell. Can’t forget the bell.

Of course while making it, I had to take Azreal’s personal style into account. This guy is a free spirit. He naps in the sun. He drinks out of the bathtub. He sometimes gets his protein from cockroaches he finds in the house. I provide him with special vet-prescribed food for cats with diseased bladders, a water dish, and multiple beds; however, he sometimes prefers the simple things in life. Fancy and super expensive just aren’t his style (ahem…except for the cat food). But kind of hippy dippy and handmade…yeah that’s more like it.  One bohemian paracord cat collar, coming up! And I won’t even have to pack it in my suitcase 😉


How to do it:

  • Measure your cat’s neck using a tape measure or a piece of yarn. Then measure out a foot of paracord for every inch and subtract a foot and a ½ from it. I didn’t subtract a foot and a half and had quite a bit left over.

Tying the buckle onto the paracord

  • Now “fold” the strand of paracord in half and thread the “looped” end through one half of your buckle.


  • Put the two loose ends through the loop, and pull it tight.


  • Next, thread the other half of the buckle onto the double strands of paracord. Use yarn (or tape measure) to determine how far apart to place the buckle ends from each other. You may want to try it on your cat for size before tying any knots at this point.

Begin tying the knot

  • Now tie a knot just under the buckle piece you just added by crisscrossing the two strands of paracord over each other…

Push it up and pull it tight

  • …flipping the whole collar over, and tying it off. Get it as snug as you can against the buckle.

Line up the middle strands

  • Then flip the whole thing over again, and line up the strands in the center, one overtop the other.

Crisscrossing around the front

  • Next, crisscross the outer two strands over the front and then the back.

Repeat all the way down

  • Continue this pattern of crisscrossing over the front and back down the entire length of the collar. (This is easier if you tape the top of the collar to your work surface with duct tape!)

Tie a knot

  • When you reach the bottom, just above the other half of your buckle, wrap the middle strands with the outer strands, and tie a knot on the inside (the side next to your cat’s neck).

Cut off the extra paracord

  • Trim the extra paracord.

Burn the nubs

  • Burn the nubs so that they are flush with the rest of the collar.

**You could be done here if you don’t want a bell! 🙂

  • If you want the collar to have a bell, thread 2 feet of hemp through the collar. Put a bell onto it once most of it it threaded through the paracord. Then wrap the hemp around the holes in the buckle, and secure each end with an inward-facing knot. Cut off the excess hemp, and snap that baby on your “very grateful” cat. 😉

Azreal with collar



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