Bon Jovi lyrics valentine rocks

On this day in 1987, lots of folks were listening to Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’. I only tell you this because I sort of missed the optimal time to publish my Valentine’s Day post, and it had to do with Bon Jovi. Actually it was a “galantine” for my Bon Jovi fan of a cousin, Allison. And any good JBJ devotee will tell you that there is never a wrong time to adore Jon. So, Allison, here ya go a day late: these Bon Jovi lyrics valentine rocks , complete with a heart shaped box are just for you. <3

FInished Bon Jovi lyrics valentine rocks

I’ll never grow out of loving a nice dinner on V-Day, but I’ll pass on the chocolates with mystery faux fruit fillings. I’m not sure if Allison feels the same way about Valentine chocolates, but I will admit that I bought a box of them for this project, ate 2, and threw the rest away. In my humble opinion, she’s getting a better deal with these rocks. 😉

Rocks and roses

She does love her Jon Bon, so I’m sure these won’t disappoint. And who needs chocolate anyway when you can have a rock that says, “Your love is like bad medicine”? Use these as paperweights. Glue magnets to the back of each one and put them on the fridge. Or simply sit back and appreciate that this “box of rockolates” has 0 calories and no expiration date. Yep, I gotcha girl. Happy Galantine’s Day. 😉


  • 1 small, empty heart-shaped box (an empty chocolate box will do the trick)
  • rocks that will take the places of the chocolates in the finished box (choose the number and shape that fit with your particular box)
  • assorted colors of acrylic paint (I used black, white, and cameo pink Apple Barrel brand)
  • scrapbook paper
  • a black pen
  • glue
  • 2 flat paintbrushes (one for glue and one for paint)
  • a cup of water
  • a rag or paper towel to wash out brushes
  • scissors
  • a pencil

How to make it:

Heart and daggar drawing

  • For the emblem on the front of the box, I did an Internet search for the heart and dagger and then freehanded it onto a piece of watercolor paper. Afterwards, I traced over the pencil drawing and filled it in with colored pencils.
  • Cut out the drawing.

Trace the hearts onto scrapbook paper

  • Next, trace the hearts on the front and back of the of the box onto the piece of scrapbook paper you will use to cover them, and cut them out.

Glue hearts to box

  • Now glue the hearts in place, and glue the emblem you drew onto the front of the box. Put something heavy, but not too heavy, on top of the top part and set it aside.

Painting rocks

  • While your box dries, begin painting your rocks. I painted 2 black, 2 white, and 2 pink.

Write lyrics onto scrapbook paper 6

  • Write out the lyrics small onto small scraps of scrapbook paper. I chose colors of paper that contrasted with each paint color so they stood out. Then cut out each word.

Lyrics glued to rock 6

  • Apply a thin layer of glue onto each rock, and stick the words in place. Brush another layer of glue overtop the words to help them stay in place.

Finished box 2

  • When you’re done and the rocks are dry, place them in the box in their compartments and gift this box of Bon Jovi lyrics valentine rocks to the JBJ fan in your life.

Finished box 3

**This would work fine with any band you like. Also, instead of drawing the emblem for the front of the box, you could place a sticker or glue on a patch in it’s place. Lastly, if you can paint letters better than I can, you wouldn’t have to write the lyrics on paper and glue them on the rocks. I just discovered mine looked terrible painted, so opted for the harder way.

*** This project was inspired by Damask Love’s DIY Valentine Box of Faux Chocolates.


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