Cat diaper bag: travel lighter with your furry friend

If there is one thing I’ve learned from hanging out with my friends who are moms, it’s that a mama is always prepared. If there’s a runny nose, they’ve got Boogie Wipes for that. Diaper blowout? No worries. They brought along an extra onesie. It’s kind of amazing how many situations they are prepared for just because of what they include in their diaper bags. Not to heavily compare pet ownership with having a child, but cats also need a lot of stuff when you take them places. So, drawing inspiration from all moms, I decided to start working smarter not harder and put together a cat diaper bag.

Cat diaper bag

Before you start eyeing me suspiciously and checking my Facebook page for other signs of crazy cat lady behavior, hear me out. I travel with my cat, Azreal, quite a bit, and for a cat he has an awful lot of bulky luggage. For short trips, I only bring along his cat carrier, but more often on longer outings I also have to lug along a litter box, food dish, bag of food, poop scoop, plastic bags, and a cat toy. By itself, this pile doesn’t look too bad, but when you add in Asa’s stuff plus mine, it becomes a formidable mound of luggage to be dealt with. This, added to the fear of the litter box coming unhinged and spilling ALL of its contents down several flights of hotel stairs prompted me to think more like my mama friends and opt for a cat diaper bag instead of packing all of my cat’s belongings for every trip.

Moms have lots of cool, portable contraptions like foldable changing pads, disposable diapers (or leak and smell proof bags to store dirty cloth diapers), and plenty of handy snap-shut sippy cups and spill-proof snack containers. How smart! I knew I needed to come up with similar portable (and cheap!) versions of this mom gear for my cat diaper bag.

Three magic swaps make this cat diaper bag come together. First, you will replace your litter box with a shallow, plastic storage container with a lid. Secondly, swap food and water dishes for 2 silicon baking cups. (These are really great because they can be squished in between things without breaking or taking up much space.) And the final magic items are a few sifting litter box liners. These babies will make cleanup a snap, and (if you’re like me and have forgotten a scoop in the past) you won’t have your pet’s smelly bathroom in the car for the rest of your trip. Then, all you have left to add is a bag of litter, a bag of your kitty’s favorite food, and toys or other items that are up to you.

I didn’t get super crafty this week like I usually do, but this cat diaper bag is one thing I know will be well-used and will eliminate the dread I’ve felt in the past about travelling with my cat. Who knew thinking like a mom was so handy? I think I’m going to do it more often. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to put Azreal down for his evening nap. 😉


How to do it:

Materials for cat diaper bag

  • Once you have gathered all your items, start assembling! Fill up your small and medium sized bags with cat food and litter, respectively. Decide which toy(s) will be strictly designated for travel.

Cat items fit neatly in box

  • Then, put all your items inside the storage container, sealing it all inside with a corresponding lid. The “important part” of your cat diaper bag is finished!

Puffy paint on bag

  • But here’s the fun part: decorating the bag you put it all in. Lay out your chosen bag, and decide on a design to paint on it. Or get really crafty and glue on ribbon, lace, buttons, patches, or whatever you want! Since I don’t want to be tempted to use mine for anything else, I put something “catty” on it. Simply painting “Meow” is a little minimalist for my decorating tastes, but it worked since the bag is already made of a zany fabric. Plus, I like gold with the black and white. At any rate, it should help me stay on task with this bag…maybe. If you have more self-control than me, you can exercise a bit more freedom with your creativity, or skip this part altogether.

Heading out the door with cat diaper bag

  • Let the paint dry, pack your kitty-belonging-stuffed container into your bag, and bam you’re ready for the next natural disaster…or weekend outing…whichever comes first. 😉


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