Dapper dressed up pumpkins

When it comes to pumpkins nowadays, I am all about eating them in as many forms as possible and less about finding elaborate ways to decorate them. Is that an old lady thing to say? Carving one is way at the bottom of my fall bucket list this year. Super messy. Then it rots. And I don’t even get to eat it when I’m done. Blah. But I do have some pumpkins that I must do something with—something that doesn’t involve glue, glitter, paint, or carving—something like getting them all gussied up to be the most dapper, dressed up pumpkins you’ve ever seen!

Dapper dressed up pumpkins

In addition to my pumpkin carving aversion of late, the main reason I’m dressing mine this year is because I picked three stem-less pumpkins. They sort of reminded me of kids who dress up in really obscure costumes, standing there on the porch while I wonder, “What exactly are you supposed to be?” Hats would hide their bald little heads nicely, I decided (the pumpkins, that is), and before I knew it, it looked like three little pumpkin-headed bandits were conspiring on my porch.

So if you’re faced with the problem of stem-less pumpkins or a lack of enthusiasm for carving them, you now know what to do. Don’t make the poor things face fall naked and afraid (or stem-less and ashamed.) 😉


  • number of pumpkins of your choice (different shapes and sizes make it more fun!)
  • stick pins
  • assorted personal effects (ideas: glasses, pipe, belt, handkerchief, hats, necklaces, wigs, garters, headbands, pocket watch…etc)
  • *optional: Sharpie marker to draw on mustaches, lips, etc…

How to do it:

  1. For the bandit pumpkin, tie on the handkerchief where the pumpkin’s “neck” would be.
  2. Next, tie on a belt. If it won’t stay in place, secure it with stick pins.
  3. Now add your cowboy hat. The cruddy-looking knots in the back will help it stay on, but you may want to apply a stick pin on either side of the hat, right into the pumpkin.
  4. Finally add the glasses. Tuck them up under the hat. You may have to perch them on pins too, and then sort of curl them around the earpieces to keep them in place. You’re all done! Way easier and way less messy than carving, painting, or glittering, right? That’s what I’m about these days. 😉

*Other fun ideas:

  • Alice in Wonderland pumpkin trio: cat ears, tail, and toothy smile painted on for the Cheshire cat; top hat and red wig for the Mad Hatter; and big blue bow, tiny “drink this” bottle, and a Jack-be-little pumpkin placed in a teacup for Alice
  •  Fashionista pumpkin: blonde wig, pink feather boa, string of pearls– then perch the whole pumpkin on a pair of pumps
  • Career pumpkins: stethoscope, glasses, and notepad for doctor pumpkin; hard hat and hammer for a construction worker; black beret and paintbrush for an artist; wig with a messy bun, notebooks and pens thrown everywhere, glasses, a whisk, and a bottle of glue for a craft/recipe blogger 😉

If you come up with something different, please post it to my Facebook page. I would love to see!


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