Essential Oil Bottle “Amulet”

Wow guys. The pollen! When spring brings along its sinus- wrecking clouds of yellow, I just wish I could travel around in a comfy little hamster ball with a ton a HEPA filters until spring is over! Since that’s not possible, I am fighting it with the fiercest natural weapons I know of: cayenne tea and my Netipot. Unfortunately, it is unsightly to pour water up one’s nose with a tiny, plastic teapot in public. I needed something more portable, something powerful, something like this essential oil bottle amulet.

Essential Oil Bottle Amulet

Ok, it’s confession time. So, this isn’t actually an amulet in the lucky-rabbit-foot sense. Sorry if this is disappointing. I also haven’t ever used essential oils. Not yet. Therefore, I don’t want you to come away from this post thinking I’m pushing essential oils. But I am awfully curious about these bottles of miracle fluid, because that’s what they would have to be for people (or at least me) to trade 40 hard-earned dollars for 5 ounces of some of them. Thankfully they’re not all that pricey, and I can try a few for my sinus issues without sacrificing two weeks worth of gas money.

The plan is to put a couple drops of peppermint and/or eucalyptus in the bottle with a carrier oil and rub it on my sinuses or take a whiff when I start feeling headachy. This way, I won’t have to wait to get home to start treating my allergy symptoms…hopefully…if this works.

Modeled amulet

If so, and you are also new to essentials oils, my little journey might inspire you to try them yourself for your own sinus problems. Who knows, it might work so well for you that it may as well be your lucky rabbit foot for allergy season! This is sincerely what I hope happens. Sinus headaches are the pits. If not, you still get to learn how to make a really charming-little-steampunky-wire-wrapped-bottle pendant. And that’s something, now isn’t it? 🙂


How to do it:

Curling the wire

  •  Begin curling the wire into a spiral with your pliers. First, curl one end of the wire around the plier tip, and then pinch it together. This will be the center of your spiral.


  • Now finish curling the spiral till it is as big as the base of your bottle. The easiest way to do this is to grab the wire between the pliers so that the spiral lies flat. Then, guide the wire with one hand while you keep the forming spiral together between the pliers with the other hand.

Begin wrapping up the bottle tightly

  • Once the base is finished, put the bottle on top of it, and begin curling the wire up the bottle, tightly so that each coil touches the next. You want the bottom to stay in place.

Make a loose wrap up the bottle and end beneath the lip

  • A little less than half way up the bottle, wrap the bottle once so that when you stop, you are just under the bottle’s lip. Secure the wire to the bottle by wrapping it twice under this lip.

Blank space on bottle

  • In the open space you left between the tight wraps on the bottom and the lip…

Curl the wire into the empty space

  • …curl the remaining wire into a shape of your choice. Press down on the shape so that it lies flush against the bottle. Cut off any extra wire with scissors (if you have any).

Curl the bottom wire end for security

  • The cork in my bottle already had a hook, but it didn’t match my copper wire. So I took it out and replaced it with the copper. I curled the shorter side very tightly onto itself and pulled it up into the cork so that the wire won’t slip out.

Decoratively curl the top to hang from a cord

  • Then I finished it by curling the longer side which will act as the hook that you use to hang your essential oil bottle amulet from a chain or cord.
  • Now put a few drops of your favorite essential oil concoction into the bottle; cork it; hang it from a chain or your favorite, long statement necklace; and head out the door with no fears of sinus headaches (hopefully)…or being arrested by the fashion police 😉

Alternate way to wrap wire


* Some essential oils become ruined if exposed to sunlight. Using an amber bottle would prevent this. I just didn’t have quick access to any when I decided to make my amulet.

** My bottle tipped over while corked and, after several days, I noticed the oil was leaking out. Not sure if it was due to the hole where I had to remove the original hook or if the oil wicked up through the cork and out…just something to be aware of. As long as you keep the bottle upright when filled with oil, you should be fine.

*** Feel free to experiment with wrapping the wire different ways around the bottle. Start just under the lip of the bottle for a completely different look. That’s what I did for the bottle in the last picture.  Have fun with it!

Anyone have essential oil success stories, particularly relating to sinus pressure relief? Let me know!


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