Printable Folksy Valentines

I feel like I just offered up some excellent fodder for a Jeff Foxworthy joke. “You might be from Appalachia if”…in this case, you feel loved when your significant other likens his/her love for you to his/her love for biscuits and gravy. Being from the state of West Virginia, I would take that compliment any day, because…well, have you tried biscuits and gravy? Some banjo player many moons ago loved this breakfast combo even more than me. HE told a fiddle player, and they wrote a song about it. And their sweethearts were very happy. Probably. Or at least they got a good laugh out of the ordeal. But me, I’m doing my part too. In the name of love for our darling dears (and my love for the Appalachian ways of expressing affection), I bring you four valentines inspired by folk songs that are sure to make your honey feel loved.

I realize this isn’t my usual craft post. It did, however, involve creating a printable using the free online graphic design software Canva, which I explain how to do in this super fun and (coincidentally) valentine-oriented post here. Mostly, though, this is just a freebie for you, my lovely readers. I won’t skirt around the fact that I’ve been on a nearly three month long blogging hiatus in which my already minuscule readership dwindled to just a trickle. So, to my first time visitors, welcome! I hope you found something both usable and inspiring here beneath the buckeye tree, and I hope you come again to hang out and get in touch with your creative side. To my “tricklers” who keep checking back and keep my little green pie slice on Google Analytics at 27.1%, thank you so much. You give me hope that what I do here, when I can get my sometimes-uninspired carcass moving, is worth pursuing and could turn into something greater if I just hang in there…like a hair in a biscuit. Annnnd on that note, I think we’ve come full circle.  😉

**Link for all four printables: click here!

***Notes: As I always say with my printouts, these  can be used for many different things besides valentines. Print them out on half a sheet of paper, slap ’em in a frame, and use them to decorate your coffee table. Or print a BIG one out, and frame it in a blank spot on a gallery wall. I would love to see what you come up with! Feel free to show me and our crafty friends out there by posting a picture on Facebook with #beneaththebuckeyetree.



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