Frozen inspired boot cuffs and gifts for princesses

Brrrrrrrr friends! Mississippi has decided that it’s about time to be winter, and I’m feeling it. Out with the soup and blankets, scarves and pea coats, hot tea and boots! Oh, and boot cuffs. If my boots are going to be practically permanent fixtures on my feet from now till March, I decided that they cannot be flapping against my legs. Do you know what I’m talking about? Having a space between your calf and your boot so that with every step they flap? I prefer a snug fit and have been wanting to make boot cuffs for a while. Not just any ole’ cuffs would do, though. I wanted something pretty with a touch of whimsy. So, at the end of my Frankenstein-ish knitting frenzy, these were the result—Frozen inspired boot cuffs!

Frozen-Inspired Boot Cuffs

When my family and I went to Disney World, my cousin and I (ages 20 and 19) were those two older girls who secretly wanted to go into the “Bibbity Bobbity Boutique” and come out princesses. The sea of little girls in there and the high price of becoming a princess dissuaded us, but I think the dream is still there a little bit… *sigh.

Even now that I’m older, a Disney princess makeover still sounds fun! But I started thinking about the princesses and what they do in the movies, and I realized that even more than their pretty faces I most admire their skills…like archery, and boating, and horseback riding.

So my selection of gifts for princesses includes a little something for everyone– a  pretty ring for the dainty Briar Rose types, a kayak for the adventurous Moana types, and  some interesting picks for those princesses in between.  You got a pen? Ya might want to jot down a couple of these ideas for those unique princesses on your own Christmas list. 😉

Oh, and these boot cuffs! Add a little something handmade to your princess’s stocking—something that Queen Elsa herself would wear. Pick out some ice-blue yarn from your stash, and use a 5.5 inch diameter circular loom to knit them up. By alternating two knit stitches and two pearl stitches, you can create ribbing, which is great for keeping the cuffs in place. Finish them off by sewing a strip of white lace on the inside of each one for an elegant look. Get detailed instructions by watching the video below. (There’s some good music in it too!) Bye for now! Stay toasty. 😉


How to make it:


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