Leather water bottle holster

Long time no see, friends! The last time we talked, I was looking forward to warmth and all the summery blog posts that I could write about camping; travelling; and red, white, and blue things. Now I’m anticipating crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice everything, and back-to-school crafts! Though I haven’t written anything this summer, I have about a million things I’ve already made in my head that I can’t wait to share with you, the first of which is a (mostly) hands-free way to stay hydrated: a leather water bottle holster you can make from an old belt and a purse strap. 🙂

Leather water bottle holster made from an old belt

I think summers are typically busy for most people; is this the case for you? There are those days of much needed rest in a lawn chair around the campfire for which I am always thankful. But for us, most days have included deworming sheep, looking for pesky cows that escaped through a hole in the fence, fixing said hole, mulching flowerbeds, cleaning houses, painting murals on doors at local schools, looking for jobs, planting a garden under the hot sun (…but not as hot as Mississippi), visiting with both our families, attending family reunions, feeling guilty for not having real jobs, and trying to step back and thank God for all of it at the end of each long day.

And so, the thing I have needed most this summer (besides prayer, of course) was water. It might seem obvious, but it’s on long hikes through the woods, the sides of steep and muddy hills where you are trying to patch a rickety fence, under the hot sun where you are trying to plant 76 tomato plants, and in an air conditioner-less house where you are trying to finally take your Christmas tree down in August that a body really appreciates water.

Thinking of the wonderful fact that I have clean water to drink at all, I feel really petty stating that it’s annoying to carry around a water bottle. (#firstworldprobs) But it is. While you’re planting, hiking, hammering, and painting, your hands need to be holding tools or ready to snatch lightening bugs or small children that are running away from you. Let’s be real. Holding a water bottle gets in the way of more important things. I would much rather sling a water bottle over my shoulder like a purse so that my hands are free.

And that’s my whole basis for making this rad leather water bottle holster from an old belt I found at the Salvation Army Store! I was beginning to wonder if I’d use it for anything other than  an indicator that I haven’t lost any weight… This is a much more productive use for it, don’t you think? 😉


  • leather belt
  • removable purse strap with clips at both ends
  • 3 small bolts
  • 3 washers
  • 3 nuts
  • leather hole punch
  • *hammer
  • scissors
  • *pliers
  • water bottle
  • screw driver
  • pen/pencil

How to do it:

Measure, cut, punch, and assemble.

Continue attaching pieces and add strap. Ta da!


  1. Wrap the belt around your water bottle of choice, and mark where you want to cut . I rounded off all of my ends for a more finished look.
  2. Now measure out the remaining pieces. The bottom loop will be about the same length as the top loop while the piece that forms the back strap will be longer.  (****When measuring your top and bottom loop pieces, leave a little room for the screws and all the straps that have to fit up next to the bottle. When it’s all finished, you don’t want things sliding around, but you also don’t want everything to be so snug that you can’t easily slip the holster on and off your water bottle.)
  3.  Place each piece of leather around the bottle in its intended spot, make pencil marks where the holes will go, and then punch, punch, punch.
  4.  Now you’re ready to assemble! Find the nuts, bolts, and washers and begin connecting all your pieces. (**My hardware didn’t match at all; I just rummaged for anything I could find in the garage. If you want a more “matchy” look, I’m suspect you can get 3 sets of the same kind at the hardware store. Personally, I kind of like the industrial, steampunk-y look of all different metals and the mismatched leathers of the holster and the strap. That’s just me though. 😉  )
  5. Finally, attach your strap on each side by clipping it to itself in a ring around the top loop. Annnnnnnnd you’re ready to handle any of life’s hydration hindering antics, on the go and hands free!

* So you may be wondering what the hammer is all about…We don’t have a fancy leather punch. Thus, we got some exercise while making this. And the pliers…you may or may not need them. Our hardware was being difficult; I hope yours cooperate like good nuts and bolts should!



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