Tasseled bead-dazzled Mardi Gras earrings

Did yesterday mean anything special to you? I mean, did you know it was Mardi Gras? I know, it can be hard to remember these things when you aren’t Catholic, don’t live in the Deep South, or there is no fun commemorative artwork on Google’s homepage to remind you. I just pay more attention to things that happen in New Orleans now since we’ve visited a few times and because it’s not too terribly far away from where we live. I still don’t really celebrate Mardi Gras, but I really like the colors green and purple together and some of the (tasteful) colorful apparel. So, in honor of good New Orleans memories and the FACT that every girl needs a pair of dangly, gaudy earrings in her stash: I bring you all you need to know about making some tasseled bead-dazzled Mardi Gras earrings!

Finished Mardi Gras earrings

Lately I’ve been a little unimaginative and oh-so practical with my fashion choices. Not a lot of bright colors. No tie dye tees or purple camo pants or pink Converse like before.  It’s just kinda been cardigans and jeans for going out or sweatpants for work. I babysit, so the little guy and I mostly just hang out in our PJs all day, every day. He doesn’t judge, which is super nice.  But someday, I really hope to be adventurous with my wardrobe choices again!

These earrings are a start. I usually don’t wear earrings that dangle excessively. “Practical Whitney” says that dangly earrings will surely get caught in hair and jingle around annoyingly with every head turn. Newsflash, Practical Whitney: these babies are gonna start coming to church..and to the grocery store..and around the house while I vacuum..and on our next trip to New Orleans, of course.

Now excuse me while I figure out how to make some King Cake and watch “The Princess and the Frog” like the party animal I am. 😉


  • 2 fishhook ear wires
  • green jewelry wire
  • 4 round purple beads
  • 2 larger teardrop-shaped beads
  • 2 gold bead caps
  • purple, yellow, and green embroidery thread
  • scissors
  • needle nosed jewelry pliers

How to do it:

Making tassels

  • Begin by making your tassels. Wrap one of the three colors around two fingers about four times and cut off the excess. Repeat this with the other two colors, then put them all together.

Tying off a tassel

  • Cut a separate piece of thread and tie it into a knot about a quarter inch below the top of one end.

Cutting the tassel

  • Cut the loop opposite the tied end, and then trim the entire tassel so that it’s tiny and even. Repeat the previous three steps to create a second tassel.

curling the wire around needle nosed plyers

  • Next, with your scissors cut two pieces of wire about 3.5 inches long, and curl one wire like this…

Wrapping wire around cut tassel

  • ..through the hole in the top of your tassel.

Adding beads

  • Now, add three beads like so, and set this straight piece aside for a minute. (Repeat the tassel and bead adding process with your other piece of 3.5 inch wire.)

Making a wire loop

  • Next, to make the loop pieces, cut 2 separate pieces of wire about 4 inches long. Then bend them carefully with your fingers  into teardrop shapes.

Wrapping off the wire loop

  • Now use your needle nosed pliers to tightly wrap and secure the loose wire ends. Repeat this with the other piece of 4 inch wire you measured out.

Straight piece and loop side by side

  • You have finished making the two pieces that comprise the most complicated parts of your earrings!

Wrap straight piece around loop

  • Now, put these two pieces together by wrapping the straight piece of wire around the top of the teardrop loop. Try to get the beads on the straight pieces as close as possible to the pointy part of the teardrop so there isn’t a big gap. (The red line I drew indicates the shape the straight piece should make when you curl it around the teardrop piece.)

Adding the fishhook earpiece

  • Finally, add a fishhook ear wire…

Finish securing the fishhook

  • ..and twist it tightly using your pliers so it looks like this. Your wrap may extend further down the wire if you have more excess than I did.

Earrings on wine bottle

  • You can leave them like this; they will still look pretty! Or…

Earring 6

  • ..you can add a fabulous gold bead cap around each ear wire for a little extra gaudy goodness. Ask me which I prefer. 😉

Finished earrings on me

***I definitely channeled my inner Aunt Peaches for this post. She likes tassels A LOT 🙂 See?





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