No-sew leather key cap

DIY no-sew scrap leather key cap

Have you ever been to Francesca’s at your local mall? Excuse me, any guys who read this blog—if there are any—as I get a little girly for a second. My husband humors me sometimes and goes in there while I geek out over the dinosaur earrings and gold, cat ear headbands. He’s quite a catch. 😉 Anyway… I actually don’t go in there for the clothes or even the earrings but for their super quirky and awesome middle section where there is all sorts of eclectic stuff you can’t really find anywhere else. I once found a mug that said “Blogging Day”. What mainstream store actually represents blogging these days?! Apparently just Francesca’s…at least in my experience. Another cutesy thing that jumped off the shelf at me was a silicone, black cat  key cap. Since black cats are kind of one of my most favorite creatures ever…and since it was Christmas…my mom bought it for me. Sadly, it had one of those miniature dog tag chains on it that kept breaking. I lost it, almost lost my house key, and still pined for some sort of key cap. Finally, I got around to cutting up an old belt and made this DIY version: a no sew leather key cap. It’s super cheap for you thrifty ladies…(I cut up an old belt.) And this baby ISN’T. GOING. ANYWHERE. …because I used Gorilla Glue.  🙂


  • old soft leather belt
  • scissors
  • leather hole punch
  • pen
  • Gorilla Wood glue
  • a key of your choice
  • old paintbrush
  • some sort of clip (to hold things in place while glue drys)

How to do it:

Scrap leather key cap steps 1-4, DIY, leather craft

Scrap leather key cap steps 5-8, DIY, leather craft

  1. Trace the top of your key of choice onto your scrap belt with pen. Don’t forget to draw the hole!
  2. Cut out the pieces, and…
  3. …punch the holes with a leather punch.
  4. Apply a thin layer of Gorilla Glue to the back of each piece (thin so it doesn’t squish out when you stick it to the key) with an old paintbrush . Glue the leather pieces to the front of back of your key top, making sure the holes line up with the hole in the key.
  5. For the top strip, mark measurements of the length and width needed on your leather scrap, cut it out, and glue it to the very tip top edge of the key.
  6. Clip the edges of the top strip in place so it can dry without popping up.

…and never confuse this key for any others…ever again. 🙂

*Love reusing old belts for projects? Me too! They are one of my favorites, and I can’t stop thinking of new ways to re-love them. Check out this post for another cool project using belts. Maybe even do it first, and then use the leather scraps to make your key cap afterward! 🙂

*Today’s challenge:  Don’t cave to the (self inflicted) pressure of buying something cute if it’s poorly made…especially if keeping something important safe (like your house key) depends on said cutesy object’s structural integrity. Just walk away. 🙂





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