Painted wooden clothespin kitchen clips

Quick! What do you do when you’re in the kitchen, surrounded by roosters, with a bag of plain, wooden clothespins in your hand? You paint roosters on the clothespins to match, of course! Who doesn’t need cute painted wooden clothespin kitchen clips that match his/her kitchen décor?

But for real, I do sip my morning coffee surrounded by the flock of roosters that ornament my mom’s kitchen. They peek up at me from underneath dishes like this…

Painted wooden clothespin kitchen clips | rooster-and-coffee-

…and look on disdainfully as I clip a plain wooden clothespin onto an unruly chip bag that won’t stay closed. You would dare introduce something “un-rooster” to this holiest of rooster places? That’s basically what they’re saying. And who am I to argue with my mom’s rooster decorations?


  • acrylic paints (for mine, I used black, brown, yellow, white, and green)
  • a teeny tiny paint brush
  • a cup of water to wash out brush
  • paper towel to clean brush
  • however many wooden clothespins your little heart desires to paint
  • spray polyurethane
  • pencil
  • scrap paper

How to do it:

Painted wooden clothespin kitchen clips

Painted wooden clothespin kitchen clips

  1. Pick a theme for your clothespins, then doodle a bunch of ideas related to it on a scrap piece of paper.
  2. Paint a base color on each of your clothespins. (They can be the same or different base colors–totally your call!)
  3. Begin painting the basic shapes of your theme. For mine, I started with a basic, chicken shape.
  4. Add in details with other paint colors. I added a bushy, black rooster tail, red and yellow tail feathers, a yellow beak and feet, and a red comb and waddle.
  5. Repeat your basic theme, and add variations for fun. I gave my little rooster a lot of chickens for company, painted just eggs on one clothespin, and added a lone hen perched on her henhouse.
  6. When you’re finished painting, preserve your lovely work by spraying over it with polyurethane.

***I currently don’t have my own kitchen, so I don’t really know what I’m going to paint on my kitchen clips someday. But I’m having fun thinking about it! What is your kitchen’s theme? What would you paint on your own wooden clothespin kitchen clips? I’d love to know!


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