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Is anyone else out there a little panicky about the fact that we are already more than a week deep into 2016? I have a long list of habits I need to change, foods I need to stop eating, schedules I need to make, and a bedtime of 10 o’clock to keep. That last one was really the only official resolution I made, but it still hasn’t happened yet. I had all these goals floating around in my brain…plus an empty box and a tangled mess of ribbons that bore a striking resemblance to uber-magnified quaternary protein structures. Something definitely had to be done about that. And so I give you…my very first feat of organization in the year 2016: the Press ‘n Seal box ribbon organizer.

Ribbon box from a Press'n Seal box

Yeah. Yeah. I know. That wasn’t part of my plans at all. But it actually turned out to be a very thought provoking and therapeutic experience. It wasn’t the kind of mess I could manhandle and cut apart since I wanted to use the ribbons for future Pinterest-worthy gift wrapping endeavors. Instead, I had to carefully locate both ends of a single ribbon in all that chaos, tape one end to the roll in the box, and reel it in while untangling the center in the process.

Weirdly enough, I was able to draw a connection between my goal achievement methods and ribbon organization. I define a clear starting point and deadline for a project, “tape” a plan in place, and then work on one small task to unravel all of its unexpected kinks until it is eventually wrapped up neat and tidy. The second step (or “ribbon”) isn’t usually as difficult to begin since the success of completing the first step fuels me.

We all know that taking baby steps is the key to making changes in our lives. Part of why it’s so hard, at least for me, is because we just want the end result without the process it takes to get there, including the falls. Think of one skill or good habit you have. How long did it take to develop it? It took more than one frustrated encounter with swing dancing for me to become sort of decent at it. Weekly swing dance club meetings, being dropped a few times, not being able to do the Lindy Hop even after about 14 weeks in the intermediate class, and having more than a few…ahem…we’ll just say interesting dance partners were all part of the learning process. But you know what? I can now say I love swing dancing. And I can recall with fondness the process it took to get there.

So, to bring it all together, I think my biggest struggles with achieving goals are beginning them, not taking setbacks as a reason to quit trying, and ultimately enjoying the journey. These things all can be “kinks in the ribbon” that, once straightened out, we can count as blessings later. Can we all just add these three to our long lists of resolutions (me included!)? Maybe then exercise won’t seem like such a chore, eating healthy won’t feel like punishment, and 10 pm won’t seem too early for bedtime.

Here’s to a very happy, blessed 2016—the year we get at least some of our “ribbons in a row” and let God do the rest. 😉


  • 1 sheet of colored tissue paper
  • an empty Press n Seal box
  • liquid glue mixed with water
  • a paint brush
  • a dark permanent marker
  • tape
  • a tangled mess of ribbons

How to do it:

Pasting tissue paper onto Press'n Seal box

  • Paper maché  time! Tear off pieces of tissue paper and begin glueing them onto the Press n Seal box. First paint on some glue, place a piece of tissue paper on top, and apply another layer of glue. This first layer of paper will be transparent.

Double vs. single layers of tissue paper

  • Add another layer of paper and glue to cover up the lettering on the box.

Ribbon box finished

  • Once the box is  glued over and covered with tissue paper, let it dry completely. Then write “Ribbons” with permanent marker on top of the box.  *You might want to practice with pencil before tracing over it with marker.

Tangled ribbons

  • If your ribbons look like this, untangle them.

Ribbon taped to the roll

  • Then tape the end of one to the inner Press n Seal roll, and roll the ribbon onto it. Secure the other end with a piece of tape when you’re finished rolling to keep it in place.

Rolled up ribbon

**You could also cover your box with decorative duct tape, wrapping paper, or contact paper. I just had a ton of tissue paper on hand leftover from Christmas.

**It would also work to use an empty wax paper, parchment paper, Saran wrap, or aluminum foil box to make your ribbon organizer.

Now cross “organize ribbons” off your 2016 to-do list. It’s not the most pressing item, but it’s a start. 😉


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